Thursday, December 5, 2013

Technology Tools

This month I am trying out various tools to get more students to notice the information that I am trying to share with them! So far I have tried out FODEY. I did a wizard text. Good for short titles. i also created a junior college planning timeline on TimeToast. I could see social studies teachers using this site. It took a little time to set up; however it is a good visual to help students stay organized

Friday, November 22, 2013


I feel that using twitter can be an easy way to reach a variety of students. Unfortunately this is a counselor's busy time of year with college applications and letters of recommendations to be sent out. I feel that once I am over the hump of college applications, I could devote more time to following and using twitter as a school counselor. I found it interesting the many sites that use twitter, and I know that many of the students get a brief snap shot of colleges via twitter

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Ready for Readistep

Next week the entire 9th grade will take part in College Board's Readistep. This is a "pre" PSAT assessment to measure the students college preparedness. Studies show that students who are exposed to early college planning are more likely to fully matriculate and earn a college degree. The students will receive their results in early January and will then have access to My Road- A college search engine through the College Board.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Homecoming Tailgate

I am looking forward to next Friday Oct. 25th for the second annual SHS staff tailgate. My children are excited to attend the football game and eat hotdogs and hamburgers until they burst. This is a great way to establish a bond between staff members and foster collaboration. The kids love being supported at their events by their teachers. I am making yummy cupcakes and chocolate footballs.

Common App Workshop

The school counseling department held our first Common App workshop after school. We hope that this event will continue to grow so that more students can achieve their post secondary dreams. I hope that I become a bit more saavy with technology through these workshops.